All original works of art, including photographs, are copyrighted. Use, modification, or duplication (in print or via electronic display) in whole or in part is limited by this copyright.

Prints (without the watermark) of the images displayed in the online gallery are generally available for purchase as postcards or as custom-ordered larger prints or posters up to 20x30 inches in size.

As for the watermarked electronic images shown as previews in the galleries, I give permission for those images to be used exactly as displayed herein (with the watermark) for non-commercial, private, non-editorial purposes as long as the image is unaltered and proper credit is given to me as the artist.

Proper attribution would note that the image is copyrighted and identify the image's photographer in the following way: © Laura Gresham / Windchime PhotographyTM

Generally speaking, editorial use licenses will be cheaper than commercial licensing of my images; in some situations editorial use may even be granted without compensation. In either case proper attribution will be required and rights will not include derivative works. If you seek to use my work editorially or commercially, contact me with the file name of the image that you wish to receive in a non-watermarked fashion and to arrange compensation and/or permission for use of said images in an editorial or commerical setting.

For any other use of my photography (including creating derivative works), you must contact me and obtain prior permission.

updated June, 2011