Nature - Landscapes

British Columbia (Canada)


Four Corners
Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah

Maryland & Pennsylvania

New England 1
Massachusetts & Rhode Island

New England 2
New York, Vermont, Maine


Pacific Northwest:
Columbia River Gorge
Pacific Ocean

Washington - Cascade Mountains

Washington - Deserts of the East

Washington - Mount Rainier Nat'l Park

Washington - Olympic Peninsula

Washington - Puget Sound

Nature - Animals


On the Farm

Zoo Critters

Mammals in the Wild

Wild Birds

Other Fauna

Nature - Themes (Cloudscapes, Botanical, Seasonal)

Cloudscapes, Sunrises, & Sunsets


Macro Nature

The Magic of Autumn (4 pages)

The Magic of Winter (3 pages)

The Night Sky

Human Interest - Historical Sites

Borderland State Park
(Mansfield, Massachusetts)

Hopewell National Historic Site

(Vantage, Washington)

Pittock Mansion
(Portland, Oregon)

Plimouth Plantation

Human Interest - Architecture & Cityscapes

Various Locations

New Bedford, Massachusetts

Portland, Oregon

Providence, Rhode Island

San Fransisco, California

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Washington, D.C.

Yuma, Arizona

Human Interest - People

Candid Portraiture
Community Events


Abstract / Conceptual

Atmosphere / Mood

Objects & Still-life

Tiling Textures

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updated June, 2011