I used a HP PhotoSmart camera from 2000-2006. Most images from this period are only useful at web resolutions and in retrospect I wish I had continued using film (35-80mm Olympus) until higher digital resolutions were available.

In 2007 I began borrowing a friend's Canon PowerShot A610 until I acquired my Olympus SP-560UZ. This Olympus ultrazoom was my "transitional camera" from 2007-2011 and most of my digital work comes from this era.

This summer I purchased my first DSLR, a Canon EOS Rebel T2i. I have been positively thrilled so far this summer with this camera. I sometimes wish I'd saved further for the T3i, but the savings on the base model allowed me filters and extras which would otherwise be unavailable to me for the foreseeable future. And waiting any longer would have meant my photos this summer season would have been missed.

    Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T2i (18.0 megapixel DSLR)
    Wide Angle Lens: 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens with Precision EW-60C Lens Hood
    Telephoto Lens: 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS Lens with Fotodiox Bayonet Lens Hood
    Marumi DHG Super Circular Polarizer 58mm
    Opteka 58mm High Definition Professional 5-piece Filter Kit (UV, CPL, FL, ND4, 10x)
Additional Equipment:
    Monopod: Opteka CFM200 58" 5-section 8x Carbon Fiber Monopod
    Ball Head: Opteka TS-1 TacShot Pistol Grip Ball Head with Quick Release Plate
    Shutter Release: Canon Remote Switch RS60 E3
    Additional Memory Media: PNY Professional 16GB Class 10 Hi-Speed SDHC Flash
    Lens Cleaning: LensPEN Lens Cleaning System
I'm happy with 99% of my current equipment and would recommend any/all of the above with one exception. The one issue I've repeatedly faced is with the bayonet lens hood on the telephoto lens. Although I initially thought a dedicated lens hood would last longer and be easier to use with less fuss, I find that I must remove it to effectively use certain key filters, ie to vary the degree of polarization with the CPL.

updated June, 2011