I've lived most of my adult life within the Pacific Northwest. Windchime Photography was initially based out of Roslyn, Washington (the filming location for the television series "Northern Exposure") until moving to central Oregon where I lived less than a quarter mile from the Deschutes National Forest. A few years later we moved to Cascade Locks in the Columbia River Gorge for about 5 years. Now we finally have truly found home in Whatcom County, Washington.

For more than 25 years I've dabbled with various forms of creative expression. Most of my art is still in the form of wildlife and landscape photography; it was my first love and it is still strongly present. My skill lies more with composition and balance than with the technical, though I certainly do hope to improve the technical aspect over time (difficult as that may be with no formal training).

Thanks to my acquisition of an Olympus SP560UZ in November, 2007, my photography reached a new level. I hope this camera will be my transition from digital point and shoot models to a SLR. I immediately ordered a cable release to help with night photography and am considering more additional equipment such as light reflectors. I truly hadn't felt such a level of excitement about photography since my first 35mm circa 1988.

Photography was my only medium until the advent of graphical software. Occasionally my postwork reached the point where the image became unrecognizable as a photograph. I soon gained the confidence to begin creating works from a blank canvas rather than my photos, and my growth into the larger realm of art began.

I am also a published poet, though I now write far less frequently than I'd wish to. If you'd be interested in reading my poetry, I should probably warn you that I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and depression and the effects of these struggles can be seen quite clearly in some of my poetry. Much of my work in this genre reveals the dark conflicts within rather than the brightness that is so often seen through my photography. You can read my poetry at "Whispers of the Soul."

updated June, 2011